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User Interface Design

Font Family: 🇺🇸 Helvetica Neue 🇹🇭 ThaiSans Neue
Font Weight: Light

SPKZUI Resembles to Classic Steam User Interface (VGUI) used in GoldSrc games, but with more modernization to it.
Currently Unreleased.
Character Name:

Pronunciation: Monori-Chan
モノリちゃん (SPKZたん)

Original Character for SPKZ. Designed by Coffee or Tea Art

Character Information

He/Him They/Them MTBI: INTJ-A   Emoji: 🏜️🤠
Nickname: Sandie Color Scheme
Gender: σ Male (NB, 男の娘) Sexuality:6-4Pilot
Born: '90s Age: Always ~18yo ショタ boi
Natural Habitat: Some Co-Working Space anywhere as digial nomad PC with his trusty Thinkpad.
Favorite Food: USDA Prime Beef 🥩 (Esp. NY Strip), Pubs Scrub's Tears
Weapon Of Choice: Longbow DMR, OG Kraber, EM-4 Cold War
Sidearm: Sanwa or MEU(SOC)
Intel Equipment: Thinkpad X1E modded with high refresh rate display.
Fanarts are welcome. Use #SPKZたん for visibility
Commissioned Artwork artist includes R1ikkas, Rusul / Nikowari (Warning: may contains NSFW Content 🔞)

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